Will my students need a Chalkboard Teach account?

This article clarifies the account requirements and explains how you can share resources with your students efficiently.

Account Requirements for Students:

Educator Account Only:

  • You, as the educator, are the only one who needs a Chalkboard Teach account. Your account gives you full access to all our resources.

No Student Accounts Required:

  • Your students do not need individual accounts on Chalkboard Teach. This makes it simpler for you to manage resource distribution and maintain control over the learning materials.

Sharing Resources with Students:

Downloading Materials:

  • Once logged into your account, you can easily download any of our materials. These can then be shared with your students in a format that suits your teaching style, whether it’s printed copies or digital files.

Integration with Google Classroom:

  • For a more streamlined digital experience, Chalkboard Teach resources can be shared directly via Google Classroom. This integration allows for a few easy clicks to distribute the materials to your students online.