Viewing Student Work and Grades in Google Classroom

Teachers using Digital Resources in Google Classroom may sometimes encounter challenges in viewing students' completed work and receiving grades. This article provides guidance on ensuring smooth integration between Chalkboard Teach's Digital Resources and Google Classroom, especially for assignments involving multiple-choice and short-answer questions.


Steps for Accessing Student Work and Grades:

  1. Student Sign-In Consistency:
    • Confirm that students are signing in on the lesson page with the same Google account they use for Classroom. They should also access the lesson directly through Google Classroom.
  2. Quiz Results Loading Time:
    • Inform students that it might take some time for quiz results to load. Advise them against refreshing the page before the loading completes, as this could prevent results from being sent correctly.
  3. Correct Use of "Mark as Done":
    • Students should avoid manually clicking "Mark as Done" before their results are sent back to Classroom. Doing so prematurely can prevent the marks from being transmitted.
  4. Accessing Short Answer Responses:
    • For lessons that include short answer questions, a link should appear under the "Student Work" section for each student. This link directs to their answers which require manual marking by the teacher.
  5. Understanding Automatic Marking:
    • If quizzes contain only multiple-choice or sorting questions, they are automatically marked, and no individual student work is linked for review. For short answer quizzes, check if there's linked work that needs manual review.
  6. Further Troubleshooting:
    • If these steps do not resolve the viewing issues, the problem may lie with the integration between Chalkboard Teach and Google Classroom, necessitating further investigation.

These steps should help in addressing common issues related to viewing and grading student work. If challenges persist, or if you require additional assistance, please contact our support team at